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About Nelsie's Cupboard
Sylvia Genders ... and who is Nelsie?

Growing out of a soapmaking hobby back in the early 90's,  I started my little online company in Toronto, Ontario. I soon began making more unusual soaps and researching gentle toiletries for clients who were chemically sensitive. The company was actually one of the first three soap-making websites on the Intenet - before Shopping Cart!

But what to name it? Seeking truly natural and safe ingredients, I had begun researching their use going back to ancient Egypt and Rome, through the Middle Ages, and as far afield as Japan. And it seemed the Victorians saw a blossoming of the approval of  cosmetics, and somewhat safer beauty products.

Meanwhile, my beloved grandmother, Ann Nelson Walsh Penn (nicknamed 'Nelsie') had been born in 1883. She had an ornate wooden cabinet that was fascinating to me as a child. Filled with mysterious objects, pen nibs, sheet music, notes and poems, I could think of nothing finer to call my endeavour than Nelsie's Cupboard.

Before retiring last year, I had spent my last five years as a product specialist , which included setting up a quality and regulatory department to ensure standards specified by Health Canada and FDA guidelines were being met. I also coordinated and ran workshops for small companies getting into the natural beauty market. Further, I researched literally hundreds of products for accurate product descriptions, and  I built and maintained an online resource centre of over 400 articles and formulas for the customer base of a major supplier to the beauty industry. I directly  assisted international customers with input on their formulations, troubleshooting ingredient problems, and assisting them registration requirements on their natural skin-care products.

I am now retired and spending a lot of time serving the community in slightly different capacities, but part of that involves my continuing to teach classes and workshops. So if you need some assistance or feedback, let me assist you today!
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